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Hi, My name is Mehedi Hasan Nahid, I am a web developer.

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Why Do You Need

  1. Get rid of soreness
  2. Overcome fatigue
  3. Relieve breathing
  4. Prevent colds
  5. Relieve nausea
  6. Improve sleep quality
  7. Relieve stress
  8. Improve blood circulation


To Use

Apply adequate amount to:

  • On temple for headache
  • On joints, such as wrist, elbow, knee
  • Along the backbone, from pelvis area up to the nape of neck
  • Along the respiratory tract from neck to chest
  • Stomach area
  • Soles of the feet to improve sleep
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drh. Indro Cahyono - Virolog

I use Antion+ Hot variant to overcome anosmia by applying it on both temples, behind the ears, and around the bridge of the nose. Besides its pleasant aroma, the heat lasts a long time, even until the following day. Do this regularly and anosmia will be easily resolved.

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Sherlina & Sugiharso

Kmrn malam sy sudah coba oles d bagian blkg telinga dgn Antion+ mild dan juga urut sebentar di telapak kaki pake Antion+ yg hot. Ternyata tidurku pules banget which is i need most for my 'beauty sleep' 👩🏼.My hubby sblm basket mgg lalu jg oles Antion+ Hot di kaki dan lengannya. Katanya lbh kuat, maen langsung 2 game di lapangan ga berasa cape spt sebelumnya.Tx for inventing this efficacious herbal med oil 👍👍

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Benny - Master of Ceremony (MC)

Antion+ is really really good 👍🏻
It doesn’t give a burning feeling when sprayed and rubbed on the skin, unlike other balms/oils/medicines. Moreover I can really feel the heat seeping into the sore areas, and I regularly apply on all joints like shoulders, arms, knees and waist.


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Merryo - Owner Joie Patisserie

Wow, when I used Antion+ for the first time I thought it was just like any other ordinary rubbing oil. To my surprise it was very different! The usual soreness and stiffness on my neck went away, and waking up in the morning felt way fresher.

My advice is that you have to try Antion+. Once you’ve tried, you’d get addicted.

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Salam sehat utk semuanya. Nama saya Haryono. umur 48 thn. Tinggal di kota Semarang. 3 bln yg lalu lengan sebelah kiri sakit nyeri yg tdk hilang2. pernah saya coba pakai cntpain terus sy pakai utk angkat barbel 7 kg. pertama memang gak masalah dan skt nya hilang. tp 2 hari kemudian muncul nyeri lg. Saya coba lg pakai cyo cabe jg hilang 1 hari bsk nya sakit lagi, berulang kali sy coba tp sakit nyeri msh tdk sembuh. saya mulai coba Antion+ hari 1 saya oles terus sy coba angkat barbel 7 kg hilang sakit nya. Eh 2 hari lg muncul nyeri. hari ke 3 sy oles lg pakai Antion+ angkat barbel 7 kg lg. Sudah seminggu ini nyeri di tangan kiri saya sembuh. Antion+ rasa hangat nya terasa sampai lama. Semoga bermanfaat bagi yg lain. Thanks 🙏

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Regular exercises, up to 4x a week, concentrating on the stomach often caused sore and strained neck. I combat this problem with Antion+, applying it before exercising to avoid the ensuing pain. The warm sensation is very relaxing and gives a massage-like feeling. I can somehow feel it improves my blood circulation. The tummy slimming program gradually goes smoothly without any interruptions :P.

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Pertama kali tau Antion+ dari pertemanan FB karena saya sudah hampir 1 minggu tidak bisa mencium bau apa-apa. Lalu teman saya di FB menyarankan untuk mengoleskan Antion+ di atas hidung dan di belakang telinga dan setelah 3 hari penciuman saya berangsur angsur membaik. Antion+ juga digunakan ibu saya untuk mengatasi pegal-pegal di bagian kaki. Dan alhamdulilah cocok.

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Otot Keram!Hari Kamis, 24 Desember yang lalu, saya memperbaiki kusen pintu kayu di rumah yg sudah lama rusak. Awalnya saya kira ini pekerjaan mudah dan singkat, namun setelah 4 jam belum selesai juga. Sikut dan lutut mulai pegal, jadi saya tunda pekerjaan ini utk besok.Malam harinya, pegal2 otot dan sendi semakin terasa. Saat bangun pagi, pegal2 terasa lebih parah sampai terjadi kram di sekitar lengan dan otot paha.Saya lalu coba oles Antion+ hot sepanjang sendi siku dan lutut. Setelah 1 jam kemudian, saat saya sedang nonton film, tiba2 badan saya tidak terasa pegal lagi.Kalau tidak percaya dengan pengalaman saya, boleh coba buktikan sendiri.

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Irma & Valentino

My son, Val, now 11 years old, has been suffering from allergies since he was a toddler. Almost every day, especially at night as he goes to sleep, he would have a runny nose. The unbearable itchiness often makes him scratch it over and over again until it sometimes bleeds.

This condition makes Val unable to rest properly, so bad that he would wake up the following morning feeling unfit. We’ve tried therapy, medical treatment and used various products/medicines (even the pricy well-known ones), but with no results.
However, since using Antion+ ORIGINAL herbal oil, Val's condition has gotten better. Only after 2-3 days of use, the recurrence frequency has decreased by more than 50%. And because he feels that he is getting a better sleep quality, Val himself asks for Antion+.
I'm so happy that after so long we finally found a solution for Val. Moreover, this product is safe as it is herbal-based and and the price is affordable. Thank you Antion+.

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Febri & Anita (Grup Gowes NDRODOG)

I suffer from a sore neck regularly when cycling. My sister suggested Antion+ the other day and it turned out to be effective; the heat was pleasant and it helped alleviate the stiffness.

Knowing it worked, I then tried applying it on my knees, usually at night in preparation for the ride the following morning. Again it worked! It loosened up my joints during cycling and I felt way more comfortable.
Now my husband & I routinely use Antion+ Hot every time we cycle, applying lighly it on the knees, calvesm soles of feet, neck and shoulders.
Thanks to Antion+, I don’t get tired easily and the ride becomes more fun. Long distance rides that used to worry me are now no longer a problem.
Thank you Antion+

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Usually I would be exhausted and feel cramps after playing 3-4 sets of badminton. But I tried Antion+ hot oil yesterday, and not only I didn’t get tired easily, but my game got better.

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I used to have terrible sore knees after mountain climbing to the point that they feel numb at night. I tried applying Antion+ Hot before going up the mountain this morning, and besides feeling more energized and fresher, I no longer have the pain like before…thanks Antion+.

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I’ve never been a fan of rubbing oils. Even a product such as cajuput oil, a relatively popular product, as it would typically give out a different aroma overnight and made the room smell bad.
That’s why I was skeptical initially when I was given Antion+ oil. But as I had cold and a bloated stomach the other day, I thought there was no harm in trying.
I chose the Original variant as I don’t like excessive heat. Surprisingly it did smell like a baby oil, which was pleasant. I, along with my daughter, then used it around the back and stomach areas. It felt warm (not hot) all the way until the following morning. What I loved the most was the consistent aroma which did not make my room smell. Our aches, colds and pains went away!
Now I've found an oil I can rely on. Antion+ is the answer!

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Edwin - Pengusaha

My ankles have been hurting since I was little, and to overcome this I usually took pain killer. When I experienced such pain again the other day, I tried the Antion+ Mild oil, given about 2 weeks ago by my aunt.

What normally took up to 5 hours when treated by C**nterp**n, I could feel the pain gradually subsiding only about 3 hours later.
I tried Antion+ again this morning for long distance cycling, applying it on the back of the neck, an area where I normally felt some stiffness. It turned out to be effective, my neck felt loose and warm.
Never would I imagine that a pure herbal oil, like Antion+, could prove to be more effective than chemical drugs. I feel now that I made the right choice by switching to a safer product, that is Antion+.

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I had been suffering from shoulders, back and neck pain for about 5 years and treating it only by taking pain medication, but it was never healed.
After seeing a testimony about Antion+ HOT oil one day, I became interested in trying it.
The result was really satisfying. I applied Antion+ oil on the shoulders, neck and waist at night, and the pain disappeared the following morning.
Antion+ HOT's heat is long lasting; it can last up to 8 hours so it feels warm consistently during the time.
I am happy to have found an effective and safe solution to my problem. Thank you Antion+!

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Hasan - Pengusaha

Before the covid pandemic, I got injured while playing badminton. The had a torn tendon in my right leg and it had to be operated on. Six months later It still hadn’t recovered fully, my leg was swollen & painful.
Earlier this week I tried Antion+ hot oil. After 3 days of use, my feet condition started to improve. The skin color on the feet, which was dark previously, gradually returned to normal. It wasn’t as swollen as before and it no longer hurt to walk.
Thanks to Antion+ oil, it sped up my recovery process. I will continue to use it regularly.

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Eki Hendra - Pelaksana Proyek

My job requires me to travel from one project to another on a two-wheeled motorcycle, which made me suffer from constant sore shoulders and back and tight wrists. I used to try treating the pains with a liniment that’s now still widely sold in the market, but it didn’t reduce any soreness.
After using antion + hot, smeared mainly on the achy part and lightly massaged for a while, the pains and discomforts slowly went away.
I regularly apply hot Antion+ now on my back and chest areas because the heat comforts me to have a better rest. Thank you Antion+

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Antion+ hot is really great! It helps resolve my various health issues.
Initially I used it to treat my knees. It had been a while since I’d done any exercises, perhaps since the pandemic began. So when I decided to do some light squats, my knees weren’t strong enough and I fell. I couldn’t stand up on my own for months and tried various oils but it wasn’t getting any better. After routinely applying Antion+ hot for a week, I was able to conveniently squat and stand on my own again.
After the knee problem was over, I read the testimonies of 2 mothers who had itching on their backs and recovered with Antion+ hot. I myself have been suffering from itching for almost 3 years because of sunburn on my back. The itch worsened over time that it stressed me out. And the more I stressed out, the worse the itch became. From drugs/ointments/creams from doctors & pharmacists, to expensive body lotions & soaps from abroad & even the cheapest ones I've tried, but to no avail. I didn't think I could recover with Antion+ hot.
From the first time I rubbed it, the itching started to subside. After the third rub, I no longer felt any intense itchiness and could sit quietly in the salon for 4 hours. After a week the itch was completely gone. This morning I was able to enjoy exercising & sunbathing, my body was sweating without any itching. The aches and pains that I usually feel in the shoulders and shoulder blades are also gone.

I am so happy that the suffering I have endured for years is finally gone. I am very grateful to Antion+, also to Mrs. Juliani & Mrs. Handani who because of their testimonies opened the way for my recovery. As their testimony is a blessing to me, I hope this testimony can also be useful for others. Best wishes for good health & success for Antion+!

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Aquina Shandy

I hurt my neck so much one evening from sleeping in the wrong position that I couldn’t get my head up. Using Antion+ Mild, miraculously in just 1 hour my neck was healed!
Additionally, itchiness from insect bites, which was problematic for me before due to my sensitive skin, gets easily cured by Antion+. The fact that it gives out relaxing aroma also helps a lot! Highly recommended!

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I’d been feeling soreness all around my body for a while. I tried to see a massage therapist, but it was impossible due to the pandemic lockdown. Using a heat patch, as an alternative, also did not help; the heat only lasted a minute
It became more and more problematic since I couldn’t work optimally feeling soreness and I got tired quicker, often even suffering from a migraine.
I then was introduced to Antion+ by. Applying the mild version every night before bed on the back and neck areas evenly, I could instantly feel the heat and sleeping became way more relaxing. And it smelt good too!
I prefer Antion+ now than any other herbal oil; I tried using one bought from Thailand, and instead of warmth sensation, the heat produced actually made me shiver. Conversely, Antion+ gives you a pleasant aroma and the heat lasts a long time.
Thank you Antion+for helping me solve my problem.
Sooo recommended!

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I had received the Antion+ herbal oil tester a while ago but, as I never liked using rubbing oil, I didn’t use it straight away.
Then I hurt my wrist one day because my uric acid level was a bit high. Remembering the Antion+ that I put away, I tried spraying it on my painful joints and the next day the pain disappeared.
Doubting it at first, I again tried to eat emping cracker and locally-bred country chicken (foods notorious for inducing uric acid pain), and the pain came back immediately. But I quickly then sprayed it with Antion+ hot and the results were amazing, my pain was cured and the stiff joints felt great.
My advice: immediately apply Antion+ whenever you feel pain, do not delay until inflammation occurs.
Now I regularly use Antion+ hot on my joints, my back and soles of my feet before going to bed to help me sleep well. I always wake up feeling fresh thanks to Antion+.
May Antion+ be a blessing to many people.

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A corollary using Antion+ Hot: I’ve become way more diligent in exercising!
Growing up I was never a big fan of working out. I decided to make a change and searched on youtube the kinds of exercises that are not only easy to do, but also effective. I got lucky when I came across Ping Shuai Gong (PSG). In the beginning I still didn’t do it regularly. Combined with Antion+, however, gradually I started to enjoy the exercise and currently I’m practicing PSG every day.
I use Antion+ Hot every morning on my body, front and back. I can feel the warmness gradually increases by noon, and it effectively cures the soreness.
As I’m practicing PSG, usually at noon, the heat sensation typically comes back, especially around my neck and shoulders. The PSG movements feel smoother and I don’t get tired easily. The heat generated from Antion+ comes back again usually after shower, more so around my knees & feet. The heat lasts!
The combination of PSG & Antion+ Hot is powerful, healthy & fun.

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Jonathan S.

I typically use Antion+ Mild after cycling, massaging and applying it on the sore areas. The heat is just right and the smell is not overpowering.

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I used to experience cramps often on the soles of the feet, especially when sleeping at night. After I’ve gotten to know Antion+ Hot and applied it every night before going to bed on both feet, I don't have leg cramps anymore.
Thank you Antion+.

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I’ve proven it twice, riding from Kopeng all the way to Ketep Pass.
I used Antion+ on the previous evening and in the following morning after just before the ride. I didn’t feel anything at the start, but as the ride went on and approaching noon, I could feel the heat around the applied areas (calves, thighs, lower back, shoulders and neck). Wow! The further the ride, the more heat sensation it produced. Cycling became way more enjoyable! Pedaling also became smoother!
After shower and lunch, I could still feel the heat and I didn’t feel fatigue at all.
Cycling is very enjoyable by using Antion+. Prove it yourself!

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I’m not a big fan of working out but I’ve been forcing myself to exercise 4x a week just to keep my body fit. Understandably therefore I felt lazy sometimes. But thanks to Antion+ Hot, now I'm really looking forward to exercising.
I normally use Antion+ Hot at night before going to bed. The next day while exercising, I can feel the heat in the applied areas; along the spine, neck, knees and shoulders, resulting in me sweating more than usual. Strangely enough I even feel more energetic than before and not easily tired.
Thank you Antion+ Hot because now I can enjoy my workout sessions. A pleasant surprise!

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Kapten Wawi A. Unang D

I love sports, especially running. I’ve been applying Antion+ Mild on my legs before exercising and, Alhamdullilah, it really helps with my endurance. The heat level is just right in my view and it lasts a long time. Moreover, with other products you would normally feel a cold sensation after the heat is gone, but not with Antion+.
On Friday, October 30, 2020, I visited my sister-in-law's house in Cibinong, coincidentally, her husband’s uric acid flared up. It was so painful that he could barely stand. After applying Antion+Hot for about 7 or 10 minutes, his wife was surprised that he could bend his leg and even walked. The pain started to wear off. Alhamdulillah it was healed because of Allah through Antion+.
Thank you for always being healthy.

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“Chandrajati - Florist”

I am often tired, achy and have trouble sleeping. I have tried several brands of herbal oil but nothing worked yet. To my surprise Antion+ really suited me. I no longer feel aches and fatique easily. I thank Antion+. I highly recommend this product.

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Daily activities sometimes make my body achy and stiff. I've used several heat products to make the aches go away but found nothing suitable. Only after using Antion+ could I feel the difference. I usually apply it at night and the heat still lasts until the following morning. Stiffness around my body goes away and my daily activities runs smoothly.

Give it a try! Thank you Antion+! I highly recommend this product.

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At night, before going to bed, I usually felt itchiness all over my body akin to bug bites. I tried everything: taking a shower, changing clothes, etc but it never went away. Then I tried Antion+, which gave such warmness from the heat and it really felt comfortable. Thank you, Antion+. 😍😎

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Saya mengalami sakit dari tulang belakang, pinggang sampai ke kaki kiri. Setiap bulan saya harus disuntik. Kalau malam susah tidur karena menahan rasa sakit dan siang bekerja juga merasakan sakit.Alhamdulilah setelah memakai Antion Hot pagi dan malam, rasa sakit berkurang saat beraktifitas dan malamnya bisa tidur dengan nyenyak.

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“Thasia - Event Organizer”

Menjalani pekerjaan sebagai event organizer mengharuskan saya untuk selalu tetap fit di segala situasi. Tidak hanya pikiran namun fisik yang prima menjadi kunci untuk dapat menjalani berbagai macam kebutuhan event yang kompleks. Mulai dari masa persiapan hingga hari H event, tidak jarang menyebabkan kondisi fisik menurun akibat kelelahan. Menghabiskan waktu seharian penuh, dari pagi hingga bertemu pagi lagi, bahkan berminggu-minggu, ditambah juga dengan jadwal yang padat dan mewajibkan untuk berpergian bolak-balik ke luar kota dalam waktu singkat, sangat menguras energi saya. Di saat-saat seperti ini untungnya saya selalu tidak lupa membawa Antion+ kemana pun saya berpergian. Setiap malam dan kapapun ketika badan saya sudah terasa tidak fit, olesan minyak Antion+ yang hangat dan tidak lengket, dengan aroma yang menentramkan, membuat badan kembali rileks dan cepat mengembalikan kondisi tubuh saya lebih baik. Saya selalu mempercayakan Antion+ untuk menemani segala aktivitas padat setiap hari.Selamat mencoba!

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“Steffi - Art Designer”

Salah satu kebiasaan orang Semarang, kalau merasa akan kena flu, adalah kerokan. Banyak dokter bilang, kerokan tidak baik. Suatu sore, badan saya meriang dan ingin kerokan, tetapi oleh ibu saya diusulkan memakai Antion+ varian Hot. Saya paling tidak suka memakai segala macam minyak seperti itu, karena seringkali ada yang "aroma" nya menyengat yang tinggal sampai keesokan harinya. Ketidak-sukaan saya juga karena, setelah dibalur minyak, biasanya kulit rasanya lengket! Karena rasa meriang terus memburuk, akhirnya saya bersedia dibalur oleh Antion+ varian hot di seluruh punggung saya dan dengan sedikit diurut, agar Antion+ bisa sedikit masuk kepermukaan kulit. Hasilnya, kurang dari 30menit, saya merasa nyaman dan rasa meriang menghilang. Ketika saya baca etiket dalam kemasan, Antion+ membantu penyelarasan perawatan Syaraf-Otot-Sendi. Jadi itu yang saya yakini membuat rasa meriang saya menghilang. Dan tidak ada aroma menyengat atau rasa lengket berminyak dipermukaan kulit. Saya sangat menganjurkan anda semua, jika badan merasa meriang, jangan minum obat, tapi balurlah punggung dengan Antion+ varian hot. Manjur!

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“Katherine - Ibu Rumah Tangga”

I am 80 years old and I’m a housewife.
In January 2018 I suddenly slipped in the laundry and broke a bone above my knee. The doctor recommended me for surgery and had to install 11 pens. This resulted often in cramps and stiffness around my legs considering my age.
Then roughly 1 year ago I was given ANTION+ herbal oil by my nephew to be applied on the troubled areas regularly, especially after shower.
Praise God, slowly but surely, the cramps and all discomforts I experienced before are now completely gone. I am very grateful to be introduced to ANTION+.
Thank you ANTION+. Hopefully ANTION+ can give blessings to others too.

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“Monica - Baker”

I work as a baker where I handle everything myself, from the selection of materials to the production process. My daily life was filled with constant tiredness and soreness.
Using Antion+ helped reduce my aches and tiredness, not only as a pain reliever but also as an effective remedy for flu. Now I don't see myself using any other products. Thank you Antion+

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“Sonny - Insurance Consultant”

Hello, I'm Sonny, I work as an Insurance Consultant and also handle several IT projects. I mostly work outside the office to meet clients. Apart from work, I am also active in cycling and playing football, that’s why I really need a good quality sleep. I use Antion+ before going to bed, applying and massaging it lightly on the soles of the feet as well as on the chest and back. It definitely helps me sleep more relaxed and also reduces aches. Really helpful, thanks Antion+.

Healthy and successful always.

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“Rudy - Bikers”

My name is Rudy, a cycling enthusiast, Goweser, aged about 70, but still fit.
I really enjoy cycling, even sometimes riding for hundreds of kilometers together with various cycling groups, and that makes me experience constant tiredness and soreness.
I was introduced to Antion+ type hot herbal oil about three months ago. Previously I couldn’t feel the heat, but after smearing on both calves, soles of the feet and my back based on my friend’s advice, the result was amazing.
In energy parlance, my condition is akin to having a 220V at the start of the ride, and still feels like 220V at the end.
Seriously guys, Antion+ is OK.

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“Stephanie-Interior Designer”

Pendidikan & kegiatan usaha saya adalah di bidang interior design. Kegiatan ini membuat saya harus aktif bepergian, baik untuk pencarian ide-ide baru ataupun mengunjungi Klien. Jika saya hitung, setiap hari, berjalan tidak kurang dari 10.000 langkah. Kegiatan ini tentu membuat saya cukup fit, tetapi, tidak terelakkan, juga sering membuat kaki saya pegal-pegal. Antion+ sangat membantu. Dengan mengoleskannya di betis sebelum tidur, pegal langsung hilang. Dan yang saya suka juga, tidak ada bau yang menyengat ketika pakai Antion+. Saya yakin bahan herbal di minyak Antion+ sangat bermanfaat.
Salamku, Stephanie

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The other night I was feeling sick akin to having food poisoning. The pain was so bad that I felt numbness all over my body. Then I tried Antion+ hot, which worked! The oil did not make my skin itchy and the pain went away instantly.

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I like working out especially badminton and cycling. During break I’d typically be drenched in sweat and feel cold, but that problem is solved by using Antion+ to keep me warm all the time. Outside sports, I also use Antion+ every day before going to work.
I’d apply Antion+ from the neck all the way to my spine and lower back, and also on my glutes when working out. What I love about this product is that not only it reduces fatigue, but it also gives you a long-lasting heat sensation.


Badminton and cycling are my hobbies.
I always use Antion+ on my legs before riding as it gives you comfortable warmness, rides become more enjoyable.
I used to get sore joints playing badminton, but then after using Antion+ on my back, wrists and shoulders, the soreness just went away.
I like the combination of both Antion+ Hot and Mild, it freshens you up and helps in reducing the overall fatigue.


It’s really important to maintain our health during this pandemic and that includes minimizing any unnecessary hospital visits. So for all moms out there, I’d like to share about Antion+ oil, an oil made from natural ingredients that really helps in taking care of our muscles, joints and overall nervous system. I have been using this for a month for myself and the twins, and I could really feel how it helps reduce my soreness and fatigue. As for the twins, not only that they’ve become more energetic, but somehow they’re now sleeping better and more immune to catching flu.
What makes this oil even better is its natural ingredients. Arthur has a sensitive skin and so he no longer has rashes when using this, unlike other oil products. Additionally, it also comes in a convenient spray bottle for ease of use. Thanks Antion+ for keeping me and the twins healthy!

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Buying here is the purchasing of raw materials from as many parties as possible, particularly prioritizing local farmers.
For sales, we would like to sell the products through many people, not selling in through conventional channels. We would like to sell through appointed distributor, called Anioner (Carrier of Good Things) and they can sell it to their own circle (friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and so on).
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